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The Jayant Agro Group believes that inclusive growth and equitable development are essential to foster sustainable development and upliftment of the community. Through socio-economic, health, and environmental initiatives, the Jayant Agro Group undertakes various community initiatives and projects. This includes training and educating farmers, encouraging them to adopt Good Agricultural Practices, using quality inputs to optimize yield, reduce environmental impact, and providing safety kits and overall community development. In addition to these, the Company also participates in various social, educational and cultural programs from time to time.


The Company is manufacturer of Products with potential to substitute Crude Oil based products.

~ 90% of Energy requirement is met using Biomass.

More than 20% of Power requirement is met using renewable source of energy.

Plantation of Trees and distribution of saplings amongst employees & nearby Community.

Under the Project Pragati – water consumption is lowered by ~35% where accurate measurement and control is in place.

Farmers implementing Project Pragati have witnessed efficiencies in resources utilization like Soil, Water and Input materials.


Zero Tolerance to Child Labour, Forced Labour Gender Discrimination, Racism across all our sites

Distribution of Portable Storage Boxes to Farmers for safe keeping of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Regular Trainings to staff to handle On Job and Off Job situations

Annual Health camps & check-ups for employees of the Company

Implementation of SuCCESS Castor Code under the Project Pragati Initiative resulting is higher yields & better realization to farmers.

Development of Hybrid Seeds (along with Government Agriculture University) for Farmers to get better Crop

Community Initiatives like, Eranda Scholarship Program under which school competitions for essay writing, art & craft, Sports activities are held to encourage the younger generation

Setting Up of Demo Farms, providing guidance and trainings at various stages of farming to showcase Good Agricultural Practices and distribution of educational material to Farmers.

Initiation of Shri Vithaldas G. Udeshi Castor Innovation Award to promote innovation in the Castor Industry

Obligatory Usage of PPE in the production area


Publicly Listed

Shares publicly listed on Indian Stock Exchanges - BSE Ltd. and National Stock Exchange of India.

Rules, Policies & Procedures

Defined Codes, Rules, Policies and Procedures to regulate Internal and External Stakeholders.

Founding Member

Founding Member of Sustainable Association –Worlds First Association dedicated to sustainability in the Castor Supply Chain.

Independent Directors

More than 50% of Directors on Board of the Company comprises of Independent Directors.

Audit & Assurance

Audited by Internal, External & regulatory auditors.

1st SuCCESS Certified

1st Company in India to get SuCCESS Certified

Global Tie-Ups

Tie-ups with Global Companies across the World for Technical, Strategic and Financial ventures.

Credit Rating

Credit Rating of A2+ (Short Term) & A- ( Long Term) by ICRA Ltd.

Aligned with UNSDG's

Our CSR & Community initiatives are in alignment with 7 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

Externally Rated

Rated & Reviewed by Global agencies like EcoVadis, TFS- Together for Sustainability, CDP- Carbon Disclosure Project.

Regulatory Committees

Committees to regulate the business in accordance with the laws.

Certified Process

Certified ISO - 9001, 14001 & 45001

Affiliations & Assurances



About Sustainable Castor Association

The Vision is a Castor sector with sustainable producer communities and assured supply chains. The aim is to improve the livelihood of castor farmers and contracted workers by supporting themto optimise yield and reduce environmental impact.

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