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Jagroflow-15 (PGPR)

Jagroflow-15 (PGPR)


Jagroflow-15 is Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate (PGPR) manufactured from Castor Oil and Glycerol.

Jagroflow–15 is a high-grade emulsifier, which reduces the surface tension of the chocolate mass and thereby reduces the yield value. This results in a substantial reduction of cocoa butter usage

still maintaining the same yield value. The performance for cocoa based chocolate or compound chocolate is far superior with Jagroflow – 15, as it is light in colour and completely devoid of taste and odour. It provides a consistent texture and a uniform air-bubble free chocolate which is easy to flow, and ideal to enrobe, mould or coat with chocolate. Other uses of Jagroflow-15 is as an emulsifier for making stable water in oil emulsions. It is also used to provide emollience & lubrication to the cosmetic product.

Standard packaging offered are Polyethylene & IBC Food Grade Containers.