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Jagroflow-13 (PGPR)

Jagroflow-13 (PGPR)


Jagroflow-13 is Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate (PGPR) manufactured from Castor Oil and Glycerol.

Jagroflow–13 is an emulsifier, which reduces the surface tension of the chocolate mass and thereby reduces the yield value. Hence, lower levels of cocoa butter can be used to obtain same yield value.

Jagroflow – 13 is fantastic for chocolate coatings and enrobing wherein compound chocolate is used. Enrobing of biscuits, nuts, ice-creams, cones, etc. and manufacturing chocolate bars and pastes are primary applications for Jagroflow – 13. Other uses of Jagroflow-13 are as an emulsifier for making stable water in oil emulsions e.g. making emulsion of water and vegetable oils as in margarine or emulsion of other oils e.g. essential oils & water or in various cosmetic formulations to add to its emulsification property and provide emollience & lubrication to the product.

Standard packaging offered are Polyethylene & IBC Food Grade Containers.